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Fit Streak: are you a Fitbit-er?

You're almost certainly familiar with Fitbit. Just in case you are not: Fitibit is a company that makes activity trackers - primarily in the form of 'smart' watches. Though they track a wide variety of things like activity, calories burned, floors climbed, heart rate and quality of sleep etc., they are perhaps best known for counting steps. Most Fitbit-ers try and get 10,000 steps every day. That translates to about 5 miles of walking a day. Here's a Fitbit blog about the magic of 10,000 steps.

As soon as I got my first Fitbit (the original Flex!) I was addicted to it and have worn it almost non-stop for 7 years now. It is extremely satisfying to have the watch buzz gently and show you hitting your goal of 10,000 steps in the evening!

This is a small webapp I built for myself - and for other Fitbit-ers - to keep the 10,000 steps/day streak going for as long as possible. It will connect to the Fitbit API and tell you if you are currently on a streak and if you are, then for how long of a streak you are on!

You will need to grant it one-time access to your Fitbit steps data. Your data is shown only to you. The app does NOT store either your credentials or your data. If you want to see it again you just need to re-authorize the app. It just takes a couple seconds.

Please click on the image below:

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